Nov 21st – Jan 2nd

Our Survive & Thrive Holiday Challenge has been highly successful for our clients the past four years! Some have even lost 20+ pounds as they continued the plan into February. In fact, Sandi has followed our Eat Live Thrive Diet lifestyle for over 5 years and has never gained back any weight!

This video explains our plan to help you have victory also this season! Now, you can join us for a new & improved 6-week journey that will not only prevent holiday weight gain, but also promote weight loss as well if that is your goal. And most importantly, you’ll get 6-12 planned “indulgence days” for special events and holiday celebrations.

  • Live Coaching 2 X Per Week  (all sessions recorded)
  • Strategy for boosting health and weight loss 5-6 days per week
  • Plan to schedule & enjoy moderate indulgence days 1-2 times per week during the holidays
  • 4 Weeks of menu plans
  • Holiday Recipes & food alternatives that keep you satisfied
  • Team Accountability with other women & coaches using our customized phone app
  • Support & teaching to revamp your underlying habits
  • Prayer support & perspectives  
  • Christmas Devotional & Planner (Digital Download)  
  • Surviving the Holidays Equipping and Inspirational Video

Register for  Survive & Thrive Holiday Challenge HERE

These Women Followed Our Holiday Strategy and Lost 20 + lbs Over The Holidays

Register for Survive & Thrive Holiday Challenge HERE